Specialist urban fold-up Electric Bikes

Pedal-assist bicycles or eBikes also known a folding bike, are experiencing phenomenal popularity world-wide. UrbanoWheels sought out the very best, innovative eFoldabike range of urban commuter bicycles for you in Australia.

The eFoldabike is manufactured to the very high European standards EN15194 and EN 14764 which are now the legal standard for Australia. efoldabike has a unique design that allows the bike to be very easily folded or unfolded in a couple of seconds. With variable power assistance this urban commuter bike with a great colour range will get you there and back in style. The efoldabike design allows the bike to be wheeled around even when in the folded position so you do not have to carry it. The Li-ion battery range is 30-40km with a recharge time of 3-5 hours.

Some additional standard features :-

  • Super comfortable height adjustable seat.
  • Height adjustable, folding handle bars.
  • Headlight and horn buttons on the handle bars.
  • Front and rear brakes Power assist on/off on the handle bars.
  • Chain guard and folding pedals.
  • Front and rear mudguards.
  • Removable battery with security lock.
  • Rear and wheel reflectors.
  • Every eFoldabike has a unique serial number.
  • The best folding bikes in Australia!

Easy to Fold/Unfold

Lightweight and easy to operate.

It only takes 90 seconds!

Anyone can operate quickly and easily!

Perfect for the city!

Take it with you & easily get around town.

It only takes 90 seconds!

Save $$$ on cabs & public transport fees.

Stores away easily

UrbanoWheels don't take much space

Keep in the car or the office

Always handy to get around
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