Who we are

John Simmonds

John Simmonds

Adam Simmonds

Adam Simmonds

UrbanoWheels is a wholly owned division of Billabong Shade Pty Ltd. Billabong Shade is a family-owned business established in 1995.

Adam and John Simmonds are all very passionate about the future of bikes for personal travel, especially in our cities.

UrbanoWheels is based in Collingwood with warehouse facilities in nearby Abbotsford. We ship bikes to any part of Australia and we happily work with interstate bike shops also.

We believe everyone should own
an Urbano Wheels Bicycle!

our advantages

Many years ago we were greatly impressed by the folding eBike designer Fulvio Sassi in Milan. (Fulvio also designs large array solar panels) So much so it was decided that the future business of our company would be largely eBikes for urban dwellers.

The next step was to decide what brands in Europe we could bring to Australia. Visiting factories and design studios in France, Spain, Austria, England and Italy and attending bike expos like EUROBIKE in Germany was essential to finding the advanced concepts and high quality work we believed to be the only path to follow. As a result we have gathered some seriously impressive “wheels” and accessories to suit.

Our next important decision was to arrange to promote the European brands AddBike, Desiknio, Kiffy, Swytchbike and Vello at a similar price as one would find in Europe.  These five brands are exceptionally innovative and we are very proud to be representing them.

why Choose Us

Firstly we are local – Why is that important ? Dealing with the Australian rules, regulations and laws required to import eBikes takes a fair bit of experience. To that end we have had twelve years’ valuable experience with our freight and customs brokers AXIMA. All Ebikes must a Vehicle Import Permit and the required accompanying documentation is fulsome to say the least…. But we now have the hang of it!

We do not sell every type of bike or trike imaginable; that is deliberately so. Being very much urban dwellers we chose to market what we like … We think, and hope, you will like the same. Our parent company has been turning potential customers into happy clients for more than twenty years.

The choice of quality products helps avoid problems but from time to time problems can occur; our policy is “fix first, ask questions later”. To that end we are having bike shop colleagues to minimise any downtime you may experience if you are not in Melbourne.